Non-Fund Based Services

Letter of credit is a legal document issued by a buyer's bank that upon presentation of required documents payment would be made. Usually confirmed by the seller's bank, protection is given to the seller that payment will be made if the goods are shipped correctly, following the conditions laid down when the LC is opened or based on subsequent amendments and protection is given to the buyer that the goods will be shipped before payment is made.
The LC facility can be granted to the importers after assessing their requirement/ credit worthiness/ financial strength and other parameters being to the satisfaction of the Bank.
Chinatrust Commercial Bank can extend Import financing through Letters of Credit, which are well accepted globally and are supported by a strong trade finance set-up. We are direct members of SWIFT and have correspondent banking arrangements with many banks worldwide.

Bank Guarantee is a contract to perform the promise or discharge the liability of a third person in case of his default. Chinatrust Commercial Bank sanctions Bank Guarantee limit to facilitate issue of guarantees on behalf of its clients. Various types of guarantees offered are - financial, performance, bid bond, tenders, customs, etc. Our guarantees are accepted by all government agencies including Customs, Excise, Insurance Companies, Shipping Companies, all Capital Market Agencies such as NSE, BSE, ASE, CSE etc. and all major corporates.


We have a full-fledged trade finance set-up catering to all your trade related requirements, which offers you the following advantages:

  1. Better turnaround time through timely processing of your documents
  2. Facilitating faster payments
  3. Lower cost
  4. Excellent trade support
  5. Arrangement of credit reports of overseas parties

Specialized advice on international trade related issues as well as technical issues such as Exchange Control requirements, RBI reporting, latest circulars and latest international developments.

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