Fund Based Services

A firm's working capital is the money available to meet current obligations (those due in less than a year) and to acquire earning assets. CTBC Bank offers corporations Working Capital Finance to meet their operating expenses, purchasing inventory, receivables financing, either by direct funding or by issuing letter of credit.
Key Benefits

  • Funded facilities, i.e. the bank provides funding and assistance to actually purchase business assets or to meet business expenses.
  • Non-Funded facilities, i.e. the bank can issue letters of credit or can give a guarantee on behalf of the customer to the suppliers, Government Departments for the procurement of goods and services on credit.
  • Available in both Indian as well as Foreign currency.

The bank can structure low cost credit programmes and cash flow financing to meet your specific short-term cash requirements. The loans are structured to enhance your profitability by scheduling the repayment to match the cash flow available to repay the debt.

Bill discounting is a short tenure financing instrument for companies willing to discount their purchase / sales bills to get funds for the short run and as for the investors in them. These are customized to suit your requirement for short-term finance, from the date of sale to the date of receipt of payment there on.
We consider two types of bills facility viz. where documents are delivered on payment, i.e. D/P Bills and where the documents are delivered against acceptance i.e. D/A Bills.


We offer short-term working capital finance both at the pre-shipment and post-shipment stages
Pre-shipment finance facility provides liquidity for procuring raw materials, processing, packing, transporting, meant for export.
Post-shipment finance is a credit facility extended from the date of shipment of goods till the realization of the export proceeds. The different types of post-shipment advances include:

  • Export bills purchased/discounted
  • Export bills negotiated (against letter of credit)
  • Advances against bills sent on collection basis
  • Advances against exports on consignment basis

Exporters have the option of availing Post-Shipment finance either in rupees or in foreign currency.

Structured Finance describes any "non-standard" way of raising money. These tailor-made securities go beyond "standard" securities like conventional loans, debentures, debt, and equity. The reason to structure a more advanced security may be that conventional securities may be unattractive, unavailable or too expensive. These products are structured for both long and short tenor with exit options at intervals for both parties.


CTCB offers very competitive rates for term financing. We also provide advisory services to companies for syndication of the term loans to a wide spectrum of financial institutions.
Under Term Finance, CTBC Bank, offers the following:

  • Fund Based Finance for capital expenditure acquisition of fixed assets towards starting or expanding a business to swap with high cost existing debt from other bank / financial institution
  • Non-Fund Based Finance in the form of Deferred Payment Guarantee for acquisition of fixed assets towards starting / expanding a business or industrial unit.

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