Forex & Trade Finance

Various products and services offered under this head are:

Foreign Currency Cash is a convenient way of meeting personal expenses along your overseas journey, paying for travel, food expenses etc.
You could avail of Foreign Currency Cash in USD. For information on other currencies (Please check at the Bank's counter)

You can now avail of our foreign currency Demand Draft facility to make payments for various purposes that include:



  • Payment of University fees abroad
  • Making a gift remittance to a friend or relative
  • Payment for medical treatment abroad
  • And all other permitted purposes as per the RBI guidelines.

FCY Demand Drafts are issued in major currencies.


You can directly deposit your foreign currency cheques into your saving or current account. CTBC Bank Co., Ltd will then have the cheques sent for collection and the funds will be credited to your account in Indian Rupees. We accept cheques of various currencies.

CTBC Bank Co., Ltd offers you the following remittance facilities

    • Inward Remittances:
      With our vast correspondent-banking network across the world, we can assure you of an efficient mechanism for crediting your receipts in various foreign currencies and credit them to your account with utmost efficiency. List of our correspondent banks abroad is available on request, and you can advise your trading partners abroad to route the remittances through these banks abroad.


  • Outward Remittances:

    Examples of such payments are:
    ● Business Travel
    ● Travel for Medical purpose
    ● Travel for education
    ● Basic Travel Quota (BTQ)
    ● Travel for pilgrimage
    ● Other travel payments (including credit card)
    ● Life insurance premium
    ● General insurance premium
    ● Subscription to periodicals, Correspondence courses
    ● Royalty, License fees
    ● Professional service, Technical fees

Trade Finance Services-
CTBC Bank Co., Ltd offers trade related information. The Products and Services offered are as listed below:


  • Issuing Documentary Credits/Guarantees
  • Loan against Import Bills
  • Arranging discount of Import Bills overseas
  • Import Bills for collection
  • Foreign remittances relating to Import, using SWIFT
  • Shipping Guarantee/Delivery Orders




  • Packing Credit
  • Export Bill Negotiations
  • Export Bill discounting
  • Advising and confirmation of Documentary Credits
  • Transfers of Documentary Credits
  • Export Bills for Collection

Other Trade Related Services

  • Foreign Exchange forward contracts
  • Taiwan related trade information
  • Credit enquiries of overseas parties
  • Forex advisory services


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